Yeniköy on a windy day

Yeniköy is a neighbourhood on the European side, at the Boshporus known for its beautiful Ottoman times yalıs. While it is a popular place for international consulates’ summer houses, behind them, streets flourish with small cafes and fish restaurants. Some famous people are said to live here, e.g. Tansu Çiller  (first female Prime Minister in Turkey 1993- 1996).


The name comes from Greek (Neohorion) and means New Village, or in Polish Nowa Wieś :) not a very original name… given to, probably, a thousand villages in Poland. But it feels somehow familiar.

Yeniköy is not as fancy as Bebek but equally charming. To get there from Etiler you need to go along the coast or through the poor neighbourhood of Reşit Paşa. Taking the coast way is much nicer, of course, but you can stuck in a humongous traffic jam and get discouraged from farther trip.

1 February was a day when the thermometers showed between 17 – 20 degrees. It would be an ideal day for a walk along the coast hadn’t it been for the wind. It was difficult to walk with branches, leaves and dust falling in your face. Luckily, it wasn’t anything heavy…. You could also get attacked by the stormy waters of the Bosphorus (like me)

Yeniköy hosts many small cafes, bars, restaurants ideal for a quick meal or coffee on your way. It is crowded and often traffic jammed.

It’s most beautiful to be watched from the Bosphorus.

It’s interesting to find place for a church, a synagogue and a mosque near each other.

Places to see: Gothic-style Armenian church, Greek Orthodox Church, Yeniköy Synagogue, Panagia Church, yalıs – from a Bosphorus cruise, the Greek Primary School.

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