Uçhisar (Cappadocia continued)

This gigantic termite hill is called a castle, although, clearly, it is not a castle as we know it.


Uçhisar is situated at the highest point in the region, just 7 km from Nevşehir (the city where it is virtually impossible to buy alcohol). The castle and its surroundings used to be the most populated area of this settlement. However, when the population increased, the danger caused by the erosion became greater and the people moved away.

The top of the citadel provides a magnificent panorama. It was even better with the storm approaching.

uchisar view3

Simple Byzantine graves, cut from the rock can be seen here. It is said  that in town which citadels, tunnels run from the citadels to the valley floors. These were built for defence and escape purposes but are hardly visible now due to collapse and erosion.

Fairy chimneys to the North, West and East of Uçhisar were hollowed out and used as graves during the Roman period. *

uchisar 2 Uchisar view uchisar3 inside peephole flaga

* Source Uçhisar  museum

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