A Turkish playground

When taking kids to the playground, you wouldn’t see many parents there. Well, unless you go to the playground at Bebek, on a weekend, before or after lunch at one of the popular places along the coast.


There, at the playground, you can admire a real fashion show. Mummies don’t fall short of celebrities, neither when it goes for brands nor outfits. On a weekday, though, you’d rather see kids with multi-functional nannies. The ladies are not dressed in such a sophisticated manner and come from various places. You can see the Turkish women with their hair covered or not, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Georgians, Philippians and Chinese. The nannies are nice and open for a chat in Turkce. This in fact, disqualifies me as a chat and walk companion. But… the former Soviet Union nannies are always willing to razgavarit paruski.

A Turkish playground differs from a Polish one. First of all, there are fewer such places in Istanbul, at least, than in Poland, in my opinion. Secondly, they don’t seem safe enough. Imagine a playground at the very Marmara shore with no fence! Or, sometimes, in fancy places, the equipment is old and rusty… What is considerably different, though, is the parents’ approach.

Have you ever dreamt of the day when you can come to the playground and just monitor that your kid is not killing him / herself? Or other kids for that matter?

I have.

It’s so much nicer to look at how kids play rather than assist tchem all the time and make sure they don’t fall down.

Well, my kids are now old enough to be independent at the playground. However, the Turkish mothers or nannies don’t seem to share my view.

A playground is a crowded place. One of the reasons is that a child is accompanied by at least one adult who assists him / her with most activities. Even when going on a slide. And I’m not talking about a one or two-year-old. Three, frour-year-olds or even older kids play with adults. It is not unheard of to see an eight-year-old being helped by on a swing by grandmas, aunts or nannies. Moreover, the other parents ot nannies feel quite comfortable to assist somebody else’s child or chide them when they consider the kid is not being sufficiently attended to!

Another topic is a man at the playground. An image not so easily to spot. Especially on a weekday.


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