Snow #3

It is 18 Feb 2015 and this bush grows in Istanbul :)

It’s official, the #3 snow is the most severe so far this winter.

Snow in Istanbul

If you don’t believe me, read this.

The city definitely doesn’t cope with this kind of weather, especially when so many drivers seem to be recklessly not using the winter tyres.

What are winter tyres – some ask?

When you realise you cannot turn like you want to or you cannot break, or you cannot actually start…  you realise why you need the winter tyres. Something no one in their right mind would not forget about in Poland. In season, it’s actually a problem to get an appointment to have them fixed in Warsaw! I guess in Istanbul it’s not the case.

No one in Warsaw could imagine that getting from Yenikoy to Etiler (around 8 kilometres) would take a couple of hours. No they wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t have expected that either… but now nothing will surprise me in this city.


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