Pamukkale – the Cotton Castle

It is probably one the most recognisable sights in Turkey. It is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list which doesn’t surprise me in the least. It certainly deserves it.


What I remember from Pamukkale most is the heat (although out of season), expensive and ugly kitchen magnets – still not sure if I will ever put them on any fridge I owe… and an aggressive jewellery seller surprised that I spoke some Turkish. But apart from that… it was bliss beautiful. Please see for yourself  :)

The surface looks as if it was slippery but it isn’t. The feeling of walking on this irregular “carpet” is actually very nice and resembles delicate feet massage.


I will especially remember the sunset, the Efes beer and some late kebab with a view on the Pamukkale and the waning crowds.

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Of course, during the day you can admire its grandeur and uniqueness with which it was carved by the calcite-laden waters.

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With my priviliged location I was able to observe the exchange of crowds, most of whom came for a one-day visit. Below some typical Turkish women.

typical tr women


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