Lezginka versus Dervish dance

A lousy all-inclusive holiday may surprise you with an interesting performance.

This New Year’s Eve and some attempts at dancing brought the memory of the Black See region dance performance.

It was actually a little unexpected as being in Turkey you watch a traditional dance which in fact is pertinent to Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Georgia – in general to the countires of the Caucasus region.

The dancer’s figure is always straight, the head is turned upwards, his arms in an open position.

It is the man’s performance. He is strong … continue reading

First snow in Istanbul

…and the schools are closed

With the summer tyres on, the city doesn’t cope. But I can still enjoy an unusual, for a Polish person, view: a palm tree.


December in Bebek

Today there’s 5 degrees Celcius in Istanbul. For tomorrow they forcast some snow and minus temperatures. It’s officially winter in Istanbul. Even the schools will be closed tomorrow because of the expected “heavy” snowfall.


But December was warm and rainy. Believe it or not but it was possible to have breakfast in the open air at Bebek. Most of the restaurants and cafes offer an open air area with some powerful heaters to allow you to stay outside even in the winter time. But despite that, at times, it was possible not to … continue reading

November snapshots

November in Istanbul was exactly like the Guns n’ Roses song. Rainy. Only I didn’t see Slash or Axl Rose anywhere.

My first Halloween party. Ever :)

IMG_0619 IMG_0616

Bebek is beautiful no matter the weather. But as you can see there were some sunny mornings, ideal for breakfast at the Bosphorus. On rainy days, I was quite surprised to see some brave parents with their offspring actually walking and playing in the Bebek park. … continue reading