Tarhana – natural instant soup

One amazing and typically Turkish product, which I am actually using against its purpose, is tarhana.


I recall I spent some time at the market shelf analysing the ingredients and was surprised it had no wheat – at that time it was something I was looking for. I bought it although I didn’t actually know what it was for. It sounded interesting, though.

In the absence of bułka tarta (bread crumbs) I used it as breading for chops. If you are not Polish you don’t know that the most common dinner dish … continue reading

Snow #3

It is 18 Feb 2015 and this bush grows in Istanbul :)

It’s official, the #3 snow is the most severe so far this winter.

Snow in Istanbul

If you don’t believe me, read this.

The city definitely doesn’t cope with this kind of weather, especially when so many drivers seem to be recklessly not using the winter tyres.

What are winter tyres – some ask?

When you realise you cannot turn like you want to or you cannot break, or you cannot actually start…  you realise … continue reading

Havuç Yağı or Carrot Seed Oil

When I arrived in Turkey last year, I read somewhere that Turkish pharmacy shops have plenty of products not found anywhere else and some of them are believed to work wonders, like carrot seed oil, for example. Apparently, you can get it in any pharmacy shop.


I like natural cosmetics so it got my attention and, excited, I started searching. But with no luck, I’m afraid.

Pharmacy shops offered pretty much similar products and brands as in Poland, or any other country for that matter: Dove, L’Oreal, Pantene, Nivea… brands I don’t use. Apart … continue reading

Yeniköy on a windy day

Yeniköy is a neighbourhood on the European side, at the Boshporus known for its beautiful Ottoman times yalıs. While it is a popular place for international consulates’ summer houses, behind them, streets flourish with small cafes and fish restaurants. Some famous people are said to live here, e.g. Tansu Çiller  (first female Prime Minister in Turkey 1993- 1996).


The name comes from Greek (Neohorion) and means New Village, or in Polish Nowa Wieś :) not a very original name… given to, probably, a thousand villages in Poland. But it … continue reading

Lezginka versus Dervish dance

A lousy all-inclusive holiday may surprise you with an interesting performance.

This New Year’s Eve and some attempts at dancing brought the memory of the Black See region dance performance.

It was actually a little unexpected as being in Turkey you watch a traditional dance which in fact is pertinent to Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Georgia – in general to the countires of the Caucasus region.

The dancer’s figure is always straight, the head is turned upwards, his arms in an open position.

It is the man’s performance. He is strong … continue reading