Kuruçeşme – Boats and Suada

Kuruçeşme means The Dry Fountain. It was named after a fountain attached to the Tezkireci Osman Efendi Mosque.


In the past it was known for storing sand and coal but now it’s a fashionable area.

Kuruçeşme, for me, is first of all a long line of yachts and boats at the coast, Suada, a crowded promenade and a small mosque from which I hear the call for prayer every time I’m around.


What a coincidence.

But Suada is the primary reason for why I usually visit this place. You may be wondering what I am talking about. The name Suada consists of two parts “su” and “ada” which gives us the “water island”. Apparently it is  Galatasaray Island known as Suada. It’s located offshore at Kuruçeşme.

It used to be an island given to an Armenian architect by Sultan Abdülhamid II in 1880. The architect’s name was Sarkis Balyan and he received this gift for his work on Sultan’s yalı and Çırağan Palace. Now it is owned by Galatasaray Sports Club and hosts a number of posh restaurants, clubs and an open air swimming pool.


The food and service is great but a visit leaves your pocket considerably thinner. It is worth, though, for the water taxi and the location. It’s good to impress a girlfriend or a business partner. Just imagine – having lunch in the middle of The Bosphorus!

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Across the Suada, on the Asian side, you can admire a unique building (Hogwarts Turkish style) – Kuleli Military High School which is most prominently visible after dark.


Boats and the promenade

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And a manav (grocery store)


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