Istanbul streets








This is what I have to say about the Turkish drivers. And I should use an exclamation mark next to each of the above or put them in the capital letters.


The style of driving observed here is just inconceivable for the Polish people for whom Warsaw style is dangerous and crazy.

Now, I actually find the Warsaw streets calming. Polite and orderly.

But only because I have seen the Istanbul streets.

I often wonder where this aggression, impatience come from. Why can’t they wait a second or two. Why must they beep

or overtake, blink with lights at you? They don’t gain MUCH. Or VERY LITTLE and still want to cause a dangerous situation on the road just to be one car closer.

One could blame it on the city. The constant traffic does foster the aggressive behaviour indeed but I put the blame rather on the Turkish mentality as such.

Their interest is most important. If they can go through, be faster, change lanes – this is what counts.

It is not important that someone will have to brake suddenly or it will cause a jam.

They are first.

I’m sure there are good-hearted people in Istanbul, considerate and empathic. But somehow, they are not on Istanbul streets. Driving.

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  1. LUX FACTOR says:

    Oh well, I think you are so right… I experienced exactly what you wrote.
    Stay possitive tho :*

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