All inclusive in the South of Turkey – heaven on earth?

The Sea, a swimming pool or pools, a sauna, a hamam, a gym, free food and drink (including alcohol!) – what else can you wish for?

Maybe not much more. Some more time, perhaps. Or maybe nothing more.

Or mabye all BUT this…


Just kidding :)

A whole day sunbathing, swimming, eating some unhealthy food and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Sounds like your dream coming true.

An all inclusive hotel is great.

But… In the middle of nowhere. There is nowhere else to go. Perhaps to just another hotel. You have come by bus from the airport so you have no local transportation at hand. If it rains, you are busted. But the weather is always sunny in Antalya. No worries.

So if you are still thinking of buying a holiday package, please take into consideration the following:

  • The hotels and the surroundings are foreign tourists oriented. It means they will try to empty your pockets and zero your credit cards at every corner.
  • You will be tempted to spend a lot in bazaars taunting you  with discounts for their dear Polish friends in your own language!
  • Most likely you will learn no Turkish. Basic Russian or English is sufficient.
  • It’s likely something in your room will be missing or broken, like air-conditioning or the plumbing. The staff is not so quick to fix those.
  • Your sock content of Euro or USD will be used up but your Turkish Liras will remain untouched.
  • You may not actually go to the seaside even though you’re right there.
  • You won’t hear the Mosque “call for prayer”.
  • Dubious morality will be promoted during hotel evening shows.
  • You or your kids may end up eating French fires with ketchup or dough cakes with jelly and powdered sugar most of the time.
  • You will hate Tarkan after the stay.
  • You will not lose weight.
  • You will eat more than you should.
  • Local sweets are not healthier.
  • You will not escape your fellow Polish people and Russians.
  • You will listen to Polish and Russian hits all stay.
  • You will engage, when drunk, in activities you would normally laugh at or even despise…

 But it will be a wonderful holiday! If you are in the right company :)

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