Ihlara Valley – still in Cappadocia

A place different from the rest of Cappadocia because of the greenery and the river, or rather a brook. I must admit that at times I felt like in Poland, in the Mazurian lakes district.

napis duzy

A 10 km long gorge cut into volcanic rock  in which Christians carved around sixty churches over the period between 11th – 13th centuries. The volcanic rock also hides the remnants of what must have been dwellings for monks and hermits.


You can enter Ihlara Valley, like me, from the Ihlara touristic installation and take the over 700 steps down and then up and, of course, end up with some muscle pains for a couple of days. You can count it as a visit to the gym :) It’s also possible and probably better to take an organised trip or have a driver that will leave you to enter from behind the Star Hotel in Ihlara Vlllage and will pick you up in Belisırma. You need to have several hours for that. But the visit is worth it and you should make the best of it, going off the main trail to see some of the hidden caves and chapels.

ihlara1 ihlara2 ihlar4 ihlara3 ihlara5 ihlara6 ihlara7 ławka

And some taken with a phone

ihlara4 ihlara2 ihlara1

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