Hierapolis – an ancient SPA

It is a vast area, I am sure I made at least a five kilometre walk. Probably longer. If you look at the remains of Hierapolis, you may think – it’s only stones and bricks. Nothing special. But if you use your imagination a bit, you will find it must have been vast and magnificent. The temple ruins, arches, tombs and baths will make an impression on anyone who will consider how much history they keep.


The city was founded at the end of the 2nd century BC by the kings of Pergamon. They chose an ideal place near the amazing wonder of the nature – calcite water laden terraces – PamukkaleThe area has been unfortunate as to the earthquakes as I have read about at least two.

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But it seems people led normal lives there still in the Ottoman era. The archaeologists were able to find objects like olive press and reconstruct the look of some of the buildings inside.

Tombs with monumental façades and inscriptions in marble.


The most striking monument is the theatre of truly impressive size.  It was built in 3rd century AD and was used until late Roman times.


The baths complex dates to the 2nd century AD and draws water from the hot springs. It is available for tourists. The ticket guy (of course!) knows the Polish :) He says hello to a professor from Cracow. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name…

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