Havuç Yağı or Carrot Seed Oil

When I arrived in Turkey last year, I read somewhere that Turkish pharmacy shops have plenty of products not found anywhere else and some of them are believed to work wonders, like carrot seed oil, for example. Apparently, you can get it in any pharmacy shop.


I like natural cosmetics so it got my attention and, excited, I started searching. But with no luck, I’m afraid.

Pharmacy shops offered pretty much similar products and brands as in Poland, or any other country for that matter: Dove, L’Oreal, Pantene, Nivea… brands I don’t use. Apart from natural olive oil soap and pure jojoba oil I haven’t really bought anything here that would actually stun me.

Until recently.

I came across this shelf by accident, I think it must have been there for a while, only I didn’t really pay attention.

There it was: Havuç Yağı. There was no price but I thought I would pay any insane amount for this 20 ml bottle :)

And here it is in my cupboard. It smells lovely.

I just hope it really does work miracles.

Some of carrot seed oil benefits:

-        Antiseptic, Antiviral & Disinfectant – when used both internally and externally

-        Detoxifier – helps eliminate toxins from blood, tissue, muscles

-        Carcinogenic – helps cure some forms of cancer

-        Carminative – helps remove gas from your intestines J

-        Depurative – can help purify internal organs (not sure what the difference to the detoxifying function is)

-        Diuretic – increases urination

-        Emenagogue – soothes menstrual pains

-        Vermifuge – helps eliminate intestine worms

-        Stimulant – stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and brain functions

-        Can be used in aromatherapy, massage and applied on the skin as a cosmetic.

It is said to help remove wrinkles – I’m counting on this one!


I paid 18.00 TL but now when I got wiser and searched though Turkish online stores, I found it’s much cheaper…





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