Half a day in Alanya

A brief visit to Alanya resulted in few photos but in a lot of fun at the beach, some sunburn and admiration of the beautiful city panorama.


The Cleopatra Beach is indeed huge and seems to host mostly foreigners basking in the sun, covering their bodies with oil rather than the proper sunscreen. Eventually, it was possible to feel some hot sand under our feet and play with the so strong waves.

Listening to the sea and sitting at its shore is an activity in itself and enough to forget about everything else. A cold coke and pizza are nice companions, though.

The city is foreigners oriented. You can buy German and Dutch newspapers and hear a lot Russian around. Alanya resembles Łeba in season with all the many gift shops and crowds of tourists flooding the streets. I can understand, though, why one would choose Alanya over Łeba :)

On the way to the Alanya Castle hill.


On the top, admiring local merchendise while having an ice-cream and freshly made (costing a fortune) pomegranate juice.



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