Hacıbektaş (north of Gülşehir)

Not leaving Cappadocia, I managed to see Hacıbektaş - the cradle of one Muslim religious and philosophical movement - Bektashism. The order spread through the Ottomans into the Balkans, and even as far as Egypt. The monks or babas helped convert many to Islam. Apparently, the Bektashi Order was very popular among Albanians, and Bektashi tekkes (buildings, places of gathering) can be found throughout Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia to this day*.


The Bektashi are said to have been very tolerant. According to the tour guide, it was them who built a mosque which featured human images which was uncommon in the Muslim iconography. The tomb of Haci Bektaş Veli is a place of worship and pilgrimages.

The former convent, now a museum, shows scenes from the life of the monks and is their final resting place.


hacibektas grave

 Hacı Bektaş Veli, similarly like Rumi, left some wisdoms behind him. It seems they are still valid today:

Whatever you seek, look within.

Educate your women, a nation that doesn’t educate its women cannot progress

Do not hurt others, even if you are hurt.*


* Wikipedia


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