Grey autumn Istanbul

When the idea about the move to Turkey first turned out to be quite realistic, it was already fall turning to winter. You may not know but the fall and winter in Poland take most of the year, starting in October and finishing around April. In March, snow is not that infrequent and I recall Easter two years ago when my parents’ garden was all covered in snow so it seemed more appropriate to sing carols rather than search for an Easter egg… and it was not funny at all. I remember being depressed and only thinking about the snow to melt.

So, warm Istanbul, as I remembered it from past visits, seduced me as a rescue from Emu boots, thick jackets and minus fifteen on the outside thermometer.

But what I have faced here and am facing actually right now is far from an inviting weather.

March was rainy and windy. Same for April. Only in May did it start to improve, although the cold wind was with me until mid-June… July and August would have been difficult to survive if it hadn’t been for the pool and air-conditioning. September was nice, I guess the best, but October is again windy and showers don’t leave. It makes it difficult to go out to the playground with the kids on the weekend, not to mention afternoons / evenings.

Indeed, I am starting to miss the Polish “gold” fall, with chilly mornings and days, runny noses but no ubiquitous wind destroying my hairstyle :) and piercing me through.

I think that now I am starting to understand the melancholy of Istnbul, which Orhan Pamuk wrote about.

Meanwhile, I miss this picture…

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