Why you should go to Antalya by car


Purely out of spite and because everybody says not to.


In Turkey they fly.

In Poland we drive.

Good for us!

Of course the distances cannot compare but… the roads cannot compare either.

There is a beautiful two lane highway almost all the way from Istanbul to Antalya.

The views you see are priceless. Vast areas of forest, hills, mountainous terrain stretching for tens or even hundreds of kilometres.

No traffic lights, no heavy traffic, no small towns or villages along the way. No (visible) speed control.

This one might be tricky, though.

There are no yellow boxes which we know from Trasa Katowicka or any other trasa in Poland. But … there are quite a few traffic police patrols stopping cars at random and there are screens showing your current speed ! and advising to slow down ! How do they know it???


Stopping at a gas station may be an adventure in itself with the staff looking at you as aliens from another planet. And this comparison is not exaggerated.

Imagine Turkish people doing their usual business at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, eating a snack, drinking wine are disturbed by freely dressed people speaking no word in Turkish. Well, almost no.

Watching them order and eat is an amusement they cannot miss. Especially if children are involved, spilling stuff and throwing things all over the place.

As you go, you will see many rather dingy places or even restaurant-buses selling çay, köfte and kokoreç. Please make sure that you check what “kokoreç” means before you try it…

ıyi Tatiller!

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