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Even at this time of the year, The Marmara Sea is warmer than the Baltic. The weather is also nicer. I don’t expect the prices to be cheaper, though. The beaches are few and outside the season it’s difficult to say if they are open. It looks rather they are private property. The enormous stones along the coast must suffice as observation and resting points.

The near the sea neighbourhood – Florya, with the huge mall and incredible Istanbul Akvaryum, resembles Polish Łeba or Dębki. The houses look more posh, though and I’m not sure if they accept guests or they are just luxurious residences. The disrict abounds in parks or social areas where families equipped in portable barbecues and  snacks come for the whole day.

The location has one drawback. It’s far from everywhere and on a weekend it is a real nightmare to first get there and later to come back. It may take you hours which in Polish reality means you could actually get from one city to another.
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It’s scary that there is the whole inhabited piece of land across the bay! Taking into account you may have come from the Asian side! gives you an idea how huge Istanbul is.

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On a weekend, getting to the Halıcıoğlu from Florya may mean the worst traffic jam of your life. The views are unforgettable, though.






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