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Half a day in Alanya

A brief visit to Alanya resulted in few photos but in a lot of fun at the beach, some sunburn and admiration of the beautiful city panorama.


The Cleopatra Beach is indeed huge and seems to host mostly foreigners basking in the sun, covering their bodies with oil rather than the proper sunscreen. Eventually, it was possible to feel some hot sand under our feet and play with the so strong waves.

Listening to the sea and sitting at its shore is an activity in itself and enough to forget about everything else. A cold coke and … continue reading

All inclusive in the South of Turkey – heaven on earth?

The Sea, a swimming pool or pools, a sauna, a hamam, a gym, free food and drink (including alcohol!) – what else can you wish for?

Maybe not much more. Some more time, perhaps. Or maybe nothing more.

Or mabye all BUT this…


Just kidding :)

A whole day sunbathing, swimming, eating some unhealthy food and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Sounds like your dream coming true.

An all inclusive hotel is great.

But… In the middle of nowhere. There is nowhere … continue reading

Why you should go to Antalya by car


Purely out of spite and because everybody says not to.


In Turkey they fly.

In Poland we drive.

Good for us!

Of course the distances cannot compare but… the roads cannot compare either.

There is a beautiful two lane highway almost all the way from Istanbul to Antalya.

The views you see are priceless. Vast areas of forest, hills, mountainous terrain stretching for tens or even hundreds of kilometres.

No traffic lights, no heavy traffic, no small towns or villages along the way. No (visible) speed control.

This one might … continue reading

Bursa – a city on the side of a mountain

At first glance it may give you an impression of just another concrete city.

But it’s amazing, though.


Bursa is located on the side of the mountain which gives you beautiful views of the city and the surrounding mountains panorama. The name of the mountain is, of course, impossible to pronounce :) It is Uludağ and it is one of the highest mountains in Turkey, famous for its winter sports facilities.


Bursa is also famous for its kestane şekeri– … continue reading

The Blue Mosque


The Blue Mosque is perhaps most recognisable of all the Sultanahmet sights.

Together with  Hagia Sophia it seems to be participating in a competition of two giants. And there’s no winner. So different in their greatness and character, they both equally amaze.

The Blue Mosque takes the prize for the best looks. Its name is fully justified. On a sunny day, the dome glitters with the blue shine and clearly stands out on the Haliç panorama.

Hagia Sophia, older and more profound, impresses with the austere character.

The Mosque’s interior is peaceful. It’s an operating mosque and … continue reading