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Memories from the May Day in Istanbul

1 May 2014 started early in Istanbul. A warm day as it was did not encourage journeys. Closed streets and police controlling the passers by, ubiquitous young men gangs hanging around, carrying helmets, gas masks, flags and bricks on the main Çevreyolu – these were only few disruptions Istanbullites had to bear and witness on that day.


The government’s announcement about closing the Taksim Square on the 1 May and stationing the police forces in the key Istanbul areas not only did not discourage, but on the contrary, incited the unionists and the ruling … continue reading

The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Şafak

40 rules of love

I wonder how much of this book is pure imagination and how much are the facts from historical sources.

Of course we cannot know that. It looks, though, Şafak is able to convincingly reflect the realities of that time. Although note how she doesn’t focus on the places description or on details about the everyday life but on what the protagonists say, think and do. Which is universal no matter which century we are in. In that she indeed challenges Paulo Coelho as the book cover ominously informs.

It is indeed an … continue reading

Gay magazine in stores?

The Hurriyet informs that the first Turkish gay magazine – GayMag has been launched and that it would be distributed via D&R stores. It is supposed to be a big step to fascilitates the coming out of the people who struggle with their sexuality and who are scared of their relatives and society. The cover doesn’t suggest anything immoral. It features Mariah Carey, the 90s diva.



Out of curiosity, I went to ask about the magazine. I knew the word dergi but I … continue reading

The Apple War – a message to Poland

During my quest to find the cheapest and best quality vegetables in Etiler and trying to practice my Turkish I got involved in a conversation about the origin of some produce sold at the Şok Market stand. I believe that you should eat the fruit and vegetables of the country you are in. By that, you avoid chemicals and processes specific to the imported produce.

The man explained that actually all the produce available, at the moment, on sale are of Turkish origin, except for… apples.

ripe red apple with green leaf isolated on white

Of course, one could have … continue reading

Güneşi Gördüm (I saw the Sun) – a movie review

gunesli gordum

I saw the Sun tells a story of a Kurdish family being forced to leave their homeland due to the ongoing military conflict in the southeastern Anatolya. A part of the family decides to illegally immigrate to Norway while the other part goes to Istanbul to start a new life. The new life does not go smoothly, though, as the family faces problems which eventually lead to real tragedies.

It is difficult to stay impartial and emotionless after watching the film. Some of the scenes may be even drastic and impossible to … continue reading