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Snow by Orhan Pamuk


The famous book by Orhan Pamuk. A brave book. A masterpiece.

Well, it is.

Not an easy read, though. A book with a relatively simple plot but with rich symbolism, an array of characters and countless references to history, religion and politics.

The main character comes to a Turkish city of Kars for an unclear reason. Apparently, as a journalist to cover the story of the municipal elections but at the same time to uncover the reason for the girl suicide epidemic that has fallen on Kars. Like the snow that winter. Heavily.

However, with time, … continue reading

Tarhana – natural instant soup

One amazing and typically Turkish product, which I am actually using against its purpose, is tarhana.


I recall I spent some time at the market shelf analysing the ingredients and was surprised it had no wheat – at that time it was something I was looking for. I bought it although I didn’t actually know what it was for. It sounded interesting, though.

In the absence of bułka tarta (bread crumbs) I used it as breading for chops. If you are not Polish you don’t know that the most common dinner dish … continue reading

Lezginka versus Dervish dance

A lousy all-inclusive holiday may surprise you with an interesting performance.

This New Year’s Eve and some attempts at dancing brought the memory of the Black See region dance performance.

It was actually a little unexpected as being in Turkey you watch a traditional dance which in fact is pertinent to Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Georgia – in general to the countires of the Caucasus region.

The dancer’s figure is always straight, the head is turned upwards, his arms in an open position.

It is the man’s performance. He is strong … continue reading

Poland vs. Turkey – Clash of Tytans

Living in Istanbul, reading Polish and Turkish media I couldn’t help but notice some differences and similarities.

Perhaps you have too.

Tape Affairs in Turkey and Poland


Both former Prime Ministers Tusk and Erdoğan were subjects to a tape affair.

In both cases the affair did not damage their careers as it seemed it would at first.

Erdogan has been elected the President after 11 years in office as PM.

Tusk has been appointed to Brussels for an EU chair. And not just any. Head of EU Council.

Polish affair seems to be nothing in comparison … continue reading

My Name is Red by the Noble Prize winner Orhan Pamuk

It wasn’t an easy read.


Although it’s probably impossible, to summarise it in one sentence, I’d say it it’s a 16th century, multi-layered detective story with romantic elements and insight into the protagonists psyche. Eco’s The Name of the Rose in the Ottoman surroundings

The author is able to fill several pages with a protagonist’s stream of thoughts. I admit, sometimes it was difficult to concentrate and actually follow this internal monologue. If it hadn’t been for the romantic elements I would have become disinterested. It’s difficult not to be … continue reading